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  • MM Cafe

    MM Cafe0

    Q: Introduction of yourself and the Cafe. Hi, my name is Ryan, General Manager of MM Cafe. This cafe was started 9 years ago in Dataran Prima by three partners who had dreamt of having a place where people can come together and share their ideas. Thus inspired our tagline of ‘Where great ideas are

  • Anechoic Cafe

    Anechoic Cafe0

    Founder of The Anechoic Cafe Shahril, Effy, Izzat, Ashraf, Faizal, and Arif. Q: Can you briefly introduce yourself? My name is Shahril, people just call me Bob, because before this I was fat (Badan Orang Besar). Q: Introduction of your cafe. I like music, and there is a partner of mine who enjoys music and

  • Leleh


    Q: Introduction of yourself and your cafe. (Introduced by Alex) Hi, My name is Alex Chong, welcome to Sakura Kristal Group of Companies. We have 3 brands which are Sakura Kristal, Makan Culture and #Leleh. We have our factory called Quik Fresh. At present, our Group of Companies has 11 outlets and we are looking