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  • Shugatori


    Q: Introduction of yourself and cafe I am Nicholas, 31 years old, executive chef from Shugatori and part of the co-founder of Shugatori. Shugatori is a purely dessert café that serves toast, waffle, pancakes and some other pastries. Usually you can see those cafés which sell toast, they only sell toast, without other dessert but

  • Patissez


    Q: Introduction about yourself and share more about Patissez. My name is Abigail, I am the Managing Director of Patissez. Patissez is a franchise from Canberra, Australia. Justin on the other hand is the Creative Director. The founder of Patissez is from Australia. The first Patissez dessert cafe in Malaysia was located in Bangsar, it

  • Hail’s Soft Serve

    Hail’s Soft Serve0

    Q: Introduce Yourself Jess, 30 years old. A person of business background with burning passion towards pastry experience in Melbourne, Australia. She used to love the cake and pastries, but later on, her love for soft serve grew. Q: Why Hail’s Soft Serve? Hail’s, it means hailstorm like ice chunks falling from the sky. Here