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  • Philtre Coffee

    Philtre Coffee0

    Q: Introduction of you and your cafe. Hi, I am Bruce, I am one of the partners of this cafe. People call it ‘Philtri’, ‘Philtray’, but it’s actually called ‘Filter’. Philtre is actually a French word for love potion. Why love potion, it signifies our knowledge, passion and experience in brewing and creating specific blend

  • Huello Cafe0

    Q: Introduction of yourself. Hi, my name is Najib. I am an airline pilot in profession. I have been flying for 20 years. Presently I’m working with one of the airline based in Abu Dhabi. As a pilot, I have the privilege to fly all over the world, been to many places, restaurants and café

  • Troka Coffee

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    Q: Introduction of Yourself and Your Cafe. (Introduced by Lizza) Hi, I’m Lizza. 46 years old, I am a mother of three and the owner of Troka Coffee. This café was opened last year October (2016) and I got this idea from my guest house in Malacca which houses a small café. The name came