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  • Shugatori


    Q: Introduction of yourself and cafe I am Nicholas, 31 years old, executive chef from Shugatori and part of the co-founder of Shugatori. Shugatori is a purely dessert café that serves toast, waffle, pancakes and some other pastries. Usually you can see those cafés which sell toast, they only sell toast, without other dessert but

  • Regius Tea

    Regius Tea0

    Q: Introduction of you and your brand. My name is Tyson, I am Chief Operating Officer of Regius Tea Malaysia. Last year, I went to China with my friends and noticed there’s always a long queue in Regius Tea shop. We were so curious hence we tried one. I have to say the first sip

  • Sophia


    SOPHIA’S BRANDSTORY Q: CEO’s Background May has over 24 years of experience in the beauty industry. Her profession as a part time beautician since her school days has brought her to where she is now. Q: When was the brand “Sophia” established? Sophia started off as a retail beauty centre, registered under Smart Beauty Sdn.

  • MM Cafe

    MM Cafe0

    Q: Introduction of yourself and the Cafe. Hi, my name is Ryan, General Manager of MM Cafe. This cafe was started 9 years ago in Dataran Prima by three partners who had dreamt of having a place where people can come together and share their ideas. Thus inspired our tagline of ‘Where great ideas are

  • Menu Script Cafe SS2

    Menu Script Cafe SS20

    Q: Introduce Yourself Hi, I’m Ryan, 33 years old, a local based Chinese Band artist – Daydream. I run a F&B outlet, talent agency and I also cover voice-over for production houses, mostly rap. My passion has always been in Music. I have always wanted to start an F&B brand after the talent agency so

  • Anechoic Cafe

    Anechoic Cafe0

    Founder of The Anechoic Cafe Shahril, Effy, Izzat, Ashraf, Faizal, and Arif. Q: Can you briefly introduce yourself? My name is Shahril, people just call me Bob, because before this I was fat (Badan Orang Besar). Q: Introduction of your cafe. I like music, and there is a partner of mine who enjoys music and