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Featured Brands ( F&B )

  • Troka Coffee

    Troka Coffee0

    Q: Introduction of Yourself and Your Cafe. (Introduced by Lizza) Hi, I’m Lizza. 46 years old, I am a mother of three and the owner of Troka Coffee. This café was opened last year October (2016) and I got this idea from my guest house in Malacca which houses a small café. The name came

  • Sophia


    SOPHIA’S BRANDSTORY Q: CEO’s Background May has over 24 years of experience in the beauty industry. Her profession as a part time beautician since her school days has brought her to where she is now. Q: When was the brand “Sophia” established? Sophia started off as a retail beauty centre, registered under Smart Beauty Sdn.

  • Shugatori


    Q: Introduction of yourself and cafe I am Nicholas, 31 years old, executive chef from Shugatori and part of the co-founder of Shugatori. Shugatori is a purely dessert café that serves toast, waffle, pancakes and some other pastries. Usually you can see those cafés which sell toast, they only sell toast, without other dessert but

  • Regius Tea

    Regius Tea0

    Q: Introduction of you and your brand. My name is Tyson, I am Chief Operating Officer of Regius Tea Malaysia. Last year, I went to China with my friends and noticed there’s always a long queue in Regius Tea shop. We were so curious hence we tried one. I have to say the first sip

  • Poppo Canteen

    Poppo Canteen0

    Q: Introduction of yourself I’m Miss Foo, 31 years old. I manage all the outlets overseas. Q: What is the concept of Poppo Canteen? It is founded by Mr. Lim. ‘Poppo Canteen’ as the name suggests is a canteen- inspired cafe and the menu we use is like a primary school exercise book. From renovation,

  • Philtre Coffee

    Philtre Coffee0

    Q: Introduction of you and your cafe. Hi, I am Bruce, I am one of the partners of this cafe. People call it ‘Philtri’, ‘Philtray’, but it’s actually called ‘Filter’. Philtre is actually a French word for love potion. Why love potion, it signifies our knowledge, passion and experience in brewing and creating specific blend

  • Patissez


    Q: Introduction about yourself and share more about Patissez. My name is Abigail, I am the Managing Director of Patissez. Patissez is a franchise from Canberra, Australia. Justin on the other hand is the Creative Director. The founder of Patissez is from Australia. The first Patissez dessert cafe in Malaysia was located in Bangsar, it

  • MM Cafe

    MM Cafe0

    Q: Introduction of yourself and the Cafe. Hi, my name is Ryan, General Manager of MM Cafe. This cafe was started 9 years ago in Dataran Prima by three partners who had dreamt of having a place where people can come together and share their ideas. Thus inspired our tagline of ‘Where great ideas are

  • Menu Script Cafe SS2

    Menu Script Cafe SS20

    Q: Introduce Yourself Hi, I’m Ryan, 33 years old, a local based Chinese Band artist – Daydream. I run a F&B outlet, talent agency and I also cover voice-over for production houses, mostly rap. My passion has always been in Music. I have always wanted to start an F&B brand after the talent agency so

  • Leleh


    Q: Introduction of yourself and your cafe. (Introduced by Alex) Hi, My name is Alex Chong, welcome to Sakura Kristal Group of Companies. We have 3 brands which are Sakura Kristal, Makan Culture and #Leleh. We have our factory called Quik Fresh. At present, our Group of Companies has 11 outlets and we are looking

  • Lancco Furniture

    Lancco Furniture0

    https://youtu.be/ShKQ7U9tZUI Q: Introduction of yourself I am Jeff, 31 years old. I started this furniture shop in 2016 with a partner. What differentiates us with others would be our Northern European furniture designs which are modern, minimalist yet artistic. Furniture industry in Malaysia is still upholding the traditional business model. Whereas, I usually travel around

  • Kory, Starling Mall

    Kory, Starling Mall0

    Q: Introduction of yourself. I am Miss Chan, 63 years old, an ex-school teacher and I retired at the age of 60. Starting this business was actually by chance. Early of this year (2017) in February, I bumped into a Korean guy in his first outlet. He was planning to open another outlet and was

  • Icon Brewing0

    Q: Introduction of yourself. My name is Nicholas, 38 years old. This café is about 5 months old. We have been managing a saloon for almost 10 years. The concept started off with a coffee machine. I like coffee so I put a coffee machine in the saloon. I will usually operate it and serve

  • Huello Cafe0

    Q: Introduction of yourself. Hi, my name is Najib. I am an airline pilot in profession. I have been flying for 20 years. Presently I’m working with one of the airline based in Abu Dhabi. As a pilot, I have the privilege to fly all over the world, been to many places, restaurants and café

  • Hail’s Soft Serve

    Hail’s Soft Serve0

    Q: Introduce Yourself Jess, 30 years old. A person of business background with burning passion towards pastry experience in Melbourne, Australia. She used to love the cake and pastries, but later on, her love for soft serve grew. Q: Why Hail’s Soft Serve? Hail’s, it means hailstorm like ice chunks falling from the sky. Here

  • Flex Stylist

    Flex Stylist0

    Q: Introduce Yourself Hi, my name is Felix, 33 years old and I have been in the hair stylist industry for about 13 years. My passion for hair styling has grown ever since I was about 20 years old. It was then, I decided to start a career towards that direction, until today, my very

  • Anechoic Cafe

    Anechoic Cafe0

    Founder of The Anechoic Cafe Shahril, Effy, Izzat, Ashraf, Faizal, and Arif. Q: Can you briefly introduce yourself? My name is Shahril, people just call me Bob, because before this I was fat (Badan Orang Besar). Q: Introduction of your cafe. I like music, and there is a partner of mine who enjoys music and


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